1. E
    Initially lost points due to the fact that it is not needed to spell "vacation." Surged ahead when the judges realized it is the only vowel(used twice!) in "dessert."
  2. A
    Usually overrated. Being the first letter of the alphabet leads people to vote heavily for this natural leader. Gained points for the name "Agamemnon."
  3. U
    Our biggest jumper this year. Definitely the giver of the vowels. Seeing expanded use in recent years with the popularity of Uber.
  4. O
    O is the weakest of the frictionless sounds, lacking a center component that would provide backbone. Dominated by the other vowels, It is hard to type the letter without autocorrect making it an i or u.
  5. I
    The bad boy of the vowel world. All i talks about is himself. Our judges voted to change the spelling of Ego to Igo.
  6. Y
    Seriously, pick a team.