I add way to much music to my iTunes and need to keep it in order somehow! For reference of course when I need to pick what's worth putting on my phone/into a playlist/needs a re-listen/ etcccc.
  1. Archy Marshall "A New Place 2 Drown"
    Pitchfork was like "BNM" and I was like "okay, gimme", and with an uplifting title like that how could I not. I haven't listened yet ✌️
  2. Ásgeir "In the Silence"
    I really just wanted one song but why stop there
  3. Carly Rae Jepsen "E•MO•TION"
    Downloaded because of @kellydehoop list ALBUMS WITHOUT ONE WEAK TRACK So far I'm not too into it, but I've been playing Warm Blood on repeat.
  4. Dawn Richard "Blackheart"
  5. Jeremih "Late Nights"
    The album cover sucks, a lot. Like it means nothing and really doesn't even clarify if he's getting into or out of the vehicle. But I'm starting to really feel this hip-hop/r&b vibe stuff with the empty space instrumentals
  6. Junglepussy "Pregnant With Success"
  7. Kehlani "You Should Be Here"
  8. Majical Cloudz "Are You Alone?"
    Actually bought the vinyl w digital copy 🤘because I support artists. Do wish that the cover art was prettier though.
  9. Thundercat "The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam"
    I thought I'd try but I don't think I'll be revisiting this one much