Favorite Things About My Setup

  1. My galaxy extended mousepad.
    $30 dollars on Amazon.
  2. My Corsair Strafe RGB w/ Wrist Rest on.
    $140 at Fry's Electronics.
  3. My Corsair Sabre RGB
  4. My Logitech Z200 Speaker (There is another speaker tower on the other side w/ volume controls and inputs.)
    $30 at Best Buy.
  5. My Scuf PS4 controller.
    Given to me by a friend.
  6. My ASUS VS247H-P monitor. (PS4 Gaming monitor)
    Christmas present but about $130.
  7. My PlayStation 4 with games.
    Father bought it a while ago but somewhere around $400 dollars I believe and maybe $150-200 in games.
  8. My Yankee Candle(s)
    I have 2 Yankee candles and a couple other Target candles that I always gotta have in my room.