I'm not a guy who lives in the negative! But hey...disappointments do come our way sometimes. Here's mine so far this week, and it's only MONDAY! Lol
  1. Didn't get my Monday run in (POUT)
  2. My Falcons lost...AGAIN
  3. The Patriots undefeated streak was ended in overtime! THEY HAD THAT GAME ...smh
  4. The AMAZING email I crafted to go out to my list today somehow magically was deleted. NO BUENO!!
  5. Serious neck and back pain. Like on a scale of 1-10, it's at an 8. 😑
  6. The Mexican lunch I had was SERIOUSLY lack luster! Really?!?! Who jacks up Mexican?? It's un-jack-up-able
  7. I went to take a nap yesterday after. And just laid there....and laid there....and couldn't nap. And then couldn't sleep last night. Thanks, sandman.