I JUST MOVED. Why I'm Not Sad:

So, after 19 years in my beautiful little lake side paradise outside of ATL, Georgia, I've relocated to eastern TN. Here are the reasons I'm not sad that I did.
  1. My new house is in the most perfect little historic district.
  2. My new house was built in 1918! How cool is that?? 100 years old in like 18 months 😜
  3. My new house still has the old cellar under it. Kinda spooky, and totally rad!
  4. My new house still has all the original plantation doors and glass door knobs!! LOVE this!
  5. My new house is literally 3 houses from the edge of the local university campus. I'm closer than some of the dorms! Lol
  6. My new house a really big attic! Like...big!
  7. My new house is DEBT FREE!!!!!!!