1. The 👍🏼 👇🏼
  2. 🙄
    So many possible meanings... The mystery and versatility makes it a lock.
  3. 🌵
    The OG middle finger before the middle finger. But now that there's an actual 🖕🏼 the cactus might as well be killed off. Not many other interesting situations you can use it. #RaiseCactusAwareness
  4. 💩
    A pile of sh*t. A smiling pile of sh*t at that. Why is he smiling...? Do I even want to know? Either way, he can stay.
  5. The 👎🏼 👇🏼
  6. 🍆
    We all know we use this for one thing and one thing only. Apple finally gave in and gave us a middle finger after enough demand, how much longer before they give us an uncensored 🍆 ? It's only a matter of time...
  7. 🔑
    I understand DJ Khaled is cool right now because everyone thinks he's cool and that makes it cool since that's how things work anymore. But let's pump the brakes a little bit please. I can't escape it. I know, it's a personal problem.
  8. 🔥
    I used to be a fan of the fire emoji. But it's got a spot on the bad part of the list because it's so overplayed. Let's stop beating the dead horse and find a new fad, only to eventually overplay that and continue the Circle of Emoji Life. It's time.
  9. 🦄
    Just in case you meet a unicorn. Gotta cover all bases.