This is my 5 random photos and keeping with the 5 train, the order I picked this photo was every 5th photo in order. So, 5,10, get it.
  1. Here's the 5th photo in my phone. This was a sample artwork I was gonna use for a new segment on this website I help write for it was gonna be the segment where I reviewed comics each week and it was gonna be called "The Goods."
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  2. The 10th photo: When replying to an awkward text.
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  3. The 15th photo: Me, Brian, and Anabel. Anabel is a good friend who is a manger at Zia's the amazing record store. She's rad.
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  4. The 20th photo: This is the classic mask for my clothing brand HeroBandit. This was a before pic of the mask before we painted. Also, we were in California during this the day before we went to SDCC.
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  5. The 25th photo: On a Cali beach replying AZ of course.
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