My friend is officially buying his first car today. These are objects found in the dealership.
  1. Mini Water Bottles
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    Used car dealers are so cheap they can't even afford actual size water bottles.
  2. Doug the Salesman
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    He's a former Army paratrooper. Served 16 years but was medically released because he gots them old legs.
  3. The Buyer
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    This is Christian. He's the buyer on the right, and his daddy on left (because Dads know everything about cars.)
  4. Carmax
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    Not as soothing as Carmex Chapstick but still fun.
  5. Me
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    Woke me up this morning to have me drive him here.
  6. The Car
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    This is the car he ended up getting. 2013 Hyundai Elantra 🔥