I'm new to listing, but @ChrisK suggested this and it felt very relevant to me - because I cry far more often than what is probably healthy.
  1. This past Sunday
    Watching "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" and realizing that there is such thing as a perfect movie and at the same time feeling very lonely
  2. Also this past Sunday
    At the NYC Pride Parade, watching the Citibank (yes, CITIBANK) float pass by joyously blaring "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
  3. In a rainy Michigan airport
    Saying goodbye to my mom before flying to New York for the summer. I was sad and scared and a little spooked because I had just watched The X-Files for two straight weeks.
  4. A Chicago hotel, on the phone with a friend
    She was being mean. I don't respond well to mean.
  5. At the University of Michigan graduation ceremony
    Staring into the black sea of my friends and strangers. I felt the most jaded I've ever been and the most naive; heartbroken to see my friends leave and frantically thankful I had another year. I cried in that embarrassing, bittersweet way uncertainty does to you.