These are a few of my favorites "news" that seem more like an April's Fool joke. Sorry for the poor English translation, I'm trying.
  1. Confectioner doesn't understand client's wish and decorates cake with picture of a pen drive
    Exactly what it seems: the client put the picture inside the pen drive, but the confectioner thought it was a Pen Drive's cake.
  2. Mouse is domesticated and used to help drug traffic in a prison in Tocantins
  3. Councilwoman asks for a minute of silence in a session after George Clooney's wedding
  4. Stressed with passengers, driver abandons bus in the middle of the street
  5. Woman gives to the police a capybara she treated like a son
    (the picture is of a party she threw said capybara)
  6. Man who ran dresses as Hulk can't go back to human form
    He painted himself and wasn't able to wash it off hahahahaha
  7. OBGYN reveals myths and truths about dental caries
  8. Daughter reveals to mother that she's going to change her name to Beyoncé
    I'm 99.9% sure that this show is pure fiction for audience because they show some bizarre things (although this example is v relatable), but they make me lol. This show, for example, airs EVERYDAY and you can see cases like this or friends who threat roommates by saying they'll need to move to a tree house. Maybe I'd like to think it's fiction because I can excuse myself this way? (but no, I'm pretty sure it's fiction)