Can I show you what I'm proudest of?
  1. Two weeks ago me and my friends started a Twitter account called Hamilton as TV shows basically because Lin Manuel Miranda creator of Hamilton retweeted tons of tweets of a mashup between Parks and Rec & Hamilton.
    He later retweeted a mashup of B99 and Hamilton but we were eager for some Hamilton + The Office and it never seemed to happen, so we were like "let's mashup not just the office but also other shows." And this started. Here are my favorite tweets so far.
  2. Ham Office 1
  3. The Hamilton Project 1
  4. Ham's Burgers
  5. How to Get Away With Ham
  6. The Hamilton Project 2
  7. Arrested Ham
  8. Ham Office 2
  9. The Hamilton Project 3
    The quote is "my body is very attracted to your body but when you speak my brain gets angry."
  10. Ham I Met Your Mother
  11. Ham Office 3
  12. The Hamilton Project 4
  13. Unbreakable Ham 1
    The gif says "I envy you, I've never been able to met me."
  14. 30 Ham 1
  15. The Hamilton Project 5
    The quote is "I can't have these beautiful insights and not share them with someone."
  16. Hammunity 1
    I'm almost sure this is the most retweeted tweet we made so far.
  17. Ham Office 4
  18. It's Always Hammy In Philadelphia
  19. Crazy Ex Hamilton
    Rachel Bloom followed us, favorited and retweeted this and I died.
  20. Ham Office 5
  21. 30 Ham 2
    I love this because it doubles as a joke, since not only shows Hamilton's superiority but also he is in the ten dollar bill so!!!!!!!!
  22. Hamilton Abbey
  23. Ham The Virgin
  24. Fresh Off The Ham
  25. The Hamilton Project 6
  26. Unbreakable Ham 2
  27. Sleepy Ham
    I need them to do something Hamilton related or I'll lose my mind
  28. The Hamilton Project 7
  29. Ham Office 6
  30. We made like more than 100 tweets so far, so there's much more but these made me laugh out loud and I was like omg ARE WE FUNNY? who knows? There's others but I can't fit the whole tweet in the print oh well.
  31. Anyway Hamilton is amazing and in case you haven't heard yet please do it now. I promise you'll enjoy. I wish I could see it, but I'm more or less conformed that this isn't happening.
  32. On non related news Mindy Kaling answered my question on Reddit and she talked about Hamilton, so maybe The Hamilton Project will come true eventually