Relationships are so hard! These are things I observed that can help and I try to do this to not sound like/ be an asshole.
  1. "Am I the only one that...?"
    Unless your life is SUPER UNUSUAL (like really really really different from the life of the ones you're talking to) you probably aren't the only one to feel, like, hate or whatever about certain thing! And I understand this is a conversation starter, but instead you can use something in the lines of "guys do you also feel/like/hate/whatever this?"
  2. "me: I love this!!!! someone: @ me ugh I hate and it's the worst"
    This seems like a constant on social media and honestly I hate it SO MUCH. If I'm talking about something I love, I hardly want to hear your opinions about why you hate it. When I want to, I'll ask you about it! This also works in real life: if I'm talking passionately about my last favorite book, please don't be a downer and say something like "it seems ridiculous", just listen, that would be enough.
    Same as above but I'd like to add that problematic is a boring thing to comment and of course NOTHING is perfect. If I enjoy something a lot, I probably already know all about its imperfections and I love it and someone saying I should hate it, makes me love it even more? Yeah.
  4. "Why is everybody talking about this? I HATE IT!"
    Another addition to the above: social media often makes us feel that we need to give an opinion about everything and that's not true. This usually happens while people are live tweeting things, so... if you don't like, maybe go do other stuff? idk, why submit yourself to read about what you hate? In Bambi, Thumper said: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all", which is basically what I'm trying to say.
  5. "It seems like everyone is a fan now"
    This happens every time something blows up and some fans start to complain about how popular it is and it's so ridiculous? If something you love is popular you should be happy because popularity is the main goal? Don't shame other people for joining the fandom later, it's what I'm saying.