There's a tumblr post that is like "listening to a song about a relationship and thinking: I can't relate to this at all but my OTP can", so this list is for my *favorite* otps and the songs that make me think of them!
  1. She - Hummingfish
    Danny and Mindy: This is a GREAT song for tons of couples and it also makes me think of Elizabeth and Darcy. I adore the lyrics to this and honestly it'd make a great video, too bad I'm not talented enough. Song:
  2. Are We There Yet? - Ingrid Michaelson
    Peeta and Katniss: I feel like this could be a recurring theme for them through the books. I love this relationship so much it's kinda painful. Song:
  3. Better than Love - Griffin House
    Mulder and Scully - These two are my most recent OTP (I know!) and this song reminds me a lot of them. Maybe it's the "you hold my hand and it's better than love" thing. Song:
  4. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
    Jim and Pam - I think this song fits so well with them, even when they are fighting on season 9, it's a great reminder of how amazing they are, imo. 🎶you reflect me, I love that about you🎶 song:
  5. Alien Like You - The Pigott Brothers
    Darcy and Elizabeth - Listen, these two are reimagined in tons of ways and I love all of them. What I love the most tho is how similar they are to each other, even if they don't realize it themselves. But they also complete each other and I have tons of feelings. They played this on Being Erica and it was VERY GOOD. Song:
  6. Arms - Christina Perri
    Nathan and Haley: I feel like this song describes so much of their relationship but I don't know if that's just because I enjoy them embracing too much?? anyway. Song:
  7. Timshel - Mumford & Sons
    Peeta and Katniss/ Mulder and Scully - Ok, I bet there's studies that somehow connect these two couples because they are so similar, but in different ways. Anyway. THIS SONG. I think it's the whole "but you're not alone in this" lyric that does it for me. So amazing. This song also played on a very emotional scene in One Tree Hill. Song:
  8. Hard Work - Ella Henderson
    Danny and Mindy: I love this song so much and it's a perfect one for Danny and Mindy while dating. I wish they would use this on the show, but if not, I'm fine daydreaming about their life together while listening to this. Song:
  9. Everything - Michael Bublé
    Jim and Pam: "Not enough for me? You are EVERYTHING." *cries* This song is upbeat and lovely and truly everything, just like Jim and Pam. Song:
  10. Be my forever - Christina Perri ft Ed Sheeran
    Nathan and Haley: Ok, maybe I associate Christina with Naley? Idk, but I mean, always and forever is their thing so... Song:
  11. I choose you - Sara Bareilles
    I truly believe this song works for any OTP in a committed relationship. I know almost all the songs in this list can fit to other couples, but let me just say this is the OTP theme song and we'll be fine. Song:
  12. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
    Bonus because this also works for almost all otps and I love it. Song: