Inspired by @kaitmaree! I cry a LOT watching comedy shows, which isn't weird at all if you consider how amazing the writing of these shows are. Not always sad tears, a LOT of happy tears. This is not all, because I cry a lot, but the ones I remember the most.
  1. When they sang Seasons of Love to Michael because he was leaving (and the episode he left too)
    I lost it, I spent the whole episode crying crying and crying because Michael started as this overbearing idiot and he grew so much and I was so happy for him but also so sad because I was gonna miss him so much. I also cried basically every time Jim and Pam interacted, including "Not enough for me? You are everything" and Angela and Oscar at the car. Basically everything in season 9 made me cry, if I'm being honest.
  2. When Danny told Mindy she was his best friend and he couldn't lose her
    Ok, it's the same as @kaitmaree', but this is such a powerful moment, because you actually understand what Danny is saying to her instead of getting super pissed at him, even tho it hurts a lot. The Mindy Project always has little moments that made me tear up and season four is killing it with those - maybe it's something about Danny getting emotional about his little family that gets me. The proposal scene and the subway scene were perfection. And I cried, of course.
  3. When the whole family got together on a plan to scare Louise
    This show is GOLD and it keeps getting better, which I didn't think was possible. They made a Halloween episode and the whole family made a plan to scare Louise, the skeptic one, because she said she never had been scared before. It's so cute and the Belchers are such a good family and I hope more parents everywhere are like Linda and Bob, because they make me cry OFTEN.
  4. When Miranda left her final message to the audience
    The entire final episode episode of Miranda is brilliant and when she started talking about her own self acceptance of her body I cried so much! This aired on New Year, so this quote has been a constant companion for me in 2015: "Women like me can be sexy, it’s just the world might never affirm it so it just takes us a little longer to realise it." And then she thanked everyone for following along her journey and I said: "no, thank you!" ❤️
  5. When the teacher asked Brick to answer what is love on a paper and he wrote an amazing thing about his parents' love
    The Middle is such an under appreciated show and I love its little family moments so much, because they all feel very real to me. Every time Sue accomplishes something I cry a lot, for example. This moment stuck with me because of something Brick goes on to say that even tho he isn't experienced with love, he knows his parents' love and it's and he talks about great loves but ends with "if you ask me, great love stories can be small like my mom and dad's."
  6. When Riley has to deal with cyber bullying
    Girl Meets World is a comedy and they even have a live audience but it's such a great show to kids (and I'm like 23 and super invested in it anyway). It deals with teen problems in a smart way and it's funny too. It helps that Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are amazing role models to young girls too. They had this episode where Riley deals with a bully and it's super heartbreaking. Bonus points because they mentioned Hamilton and Burr and I'm obsessed, so you know...
  7. When Jack is trying to tell Liz he loves her and she goes "I love you too, Jack"
    I adore this friendship and this moment is SO THEM I wanna scream. 30 Rock doesn't have tons of emotional moments, but maybe because it was the last episode and I was already missing it, I started to cry - but ok, it's a great moment too. Also everything Kenneth because I'm a sucker for die hard optimists.
  8. When Gretchen told Jimmy she had clinical depression
    I'll say I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by this season, but once Gretchen said to Jimmy she had been long diagnosed with depression, everything came into place, it made a lot of sense and I cried a lot!
  9. When Maggie thanks Emma for her help through everything
    This friendship is so great and well structured and I love these two a lot and I always tear up with their scenes because they are super amazing. This scene in particular got me crying, but maybe was the thought that USA Network might not renew Playing House that left me all sad?
  10. When Val left the Emmys to be at Mickey's bedside
    What an incredible season finale! I'm so glad The Comeback is coming back for another season because the dynamic with Mickey and Val is one I love a lot. He's her faithful sidekick and Val, who is such a tragic character, doesn't always appreciate it, but in the end, her heart is the biggest and she'll do anything for those she loves.
  11. When Garfunkel and Oates sang "Rainbow Connections"
    This show lasted for a very short period of time, but they had 8 glorious episodes (I think everything is up on Netflix) and this song is way too cute.
  12. When Burt and Virginia played "Guess how I got this"
    Raising Hope was such a gem and it was a sad day when I learned it was cancelled. Burt and Virginia were total relationship goals and this little game of theirs perfectly summarizes everything I loved about their relationship. I also loved Jimmy and Sabrina and their moments with little Hope. I also cried a lot watching this show.
  13. When Miranda married Steve
    Their relationship was my favorite and I try to ignore the Sex and the City movie because of this. I loved that Miranda found someone who understood her so well, despite being very different of her. I also cried a lot for Charlotte and Harry because they were great.
  14. When Chandler and Monica propose to each other
    They were the best couple on this show and anyone who says otherwise is nuts. Their proposal is so beautiful and you just know they were made for each other (as if you needed more confirmation)(I guess some people still need them because they always end up talking about Ross and Rachel??? Who cares???)
  15. When they cancelled my shows
    I'll never forget my cancelled babies, you were way too precious for this world. RIP Selfie, Don't Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23, Trophy Wife, Happy Endings, Go On, Enlisted, The New Normal and Ben and Kate. I miss you and I always wonder where are you guys now. I hope somewhere great!