Thanks to @k8mcgarry for the request and sorry it took me so long but maybe that's good because I had more time to listen properly? I'm gonna do one per song just because I feel like it's more organized this way.
  1. Black Magic is amazing, I thought the clip was super funny and one day they played it at a party I was and I almost fell running to dance it!
  2. I like Love Me Like You a lot but not enough to love it as a single? The clip is super cute and they kill as usual or maybe I'm super biased towards Little Mix in general? Who knows!
  3. Weird People is SO FUNNY and adorable! I have nothing to add really but picture me saying this in that robotic voice!
  4. Secret Love Song is SO GOOD they even made a part II and this one has Jason Derulo, but I honestly couldn't hear him over how amazing Perrie's voice is. Slay me!
  5. I love Hair a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot, like A LOT A LOT. It's my get ready song since its debut, but the only thing I do is wear a ponytail everywhere. The clip is the most adorable thing and I love their friendship so much!
  6. There's a Brazilian song called Baba Baby and Grown is basically a English version of it which means is totally awesome because I actually grew up listening to baba baby (it means something like drool baby LMAO)
    Here's the Brazilian song, pay attention to the amazing choreography (I knew it by heart when I was 12 or something):
  7. Ok so I love you is one of my favorites because the lyrics are so sad and I love angst? Not for myself, but I keep thinking of tv/book pairings listening to these kind of songs.
  8. OMG is perfect and omg I can't stop singing it because I say omg a lot even tho is in English. So I go OMG I DID IT AGAIN every time (mostly in my head tho because I don't really talk a lot)
  9. Lightning is so beautiful and they sing in Latin I mean queens indeed, I rest my case
  10. I thought A.D.I.D.A.S. was gonna be about sneakers for some reason (remember Vanessa Hudgens' Sneakernight??? It was my jam for a long time) but OMG (see, I'm singing again)!!! This was great and unexpected and I loved it so much!
  11. Love Me Or Leave Me felt so empowering to me, like I've never been in a relationship but I was totally singing at the top of my lungs to my fictional boyfriend LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME HEREEEEEE
  12. I feel like The End perfectly summarizes Perrie and Zayn's relationship (and of course tons of relationships around the world) and again, super empowering. I'm gonna need to date someone just to break up just to really feel these songs (I'm joking of course)(or am I?)
  13. I won't is also empowering (I feel like this is the message through the whole album tho: put yourself first) and I wish it was a single but it probably won't happen because it's a deluxe album thing.
  14. I saw someone commenting on Twitter that Secret Love Song pt II is like a gay anthem and it was the song I jumped through to listen and it really sounds like it! It reminded me of my bff's relationship (the family of his boyfriend doesn't know about them) and I cried a little.
  15. I feel like Little Mix always does a special song about self love and this is so important to me. In DNA it was We Are Who We Are, in Salute it was Little Me (I cry every time) and now it's Clued Up. Did I mention I love them a lot?
  16. I love that The Beginning is the last song, I love the name and the message and how much they managed to show the fans how much they love us and each other. It's really a pleasure to listen to them, little angels! 💯