I've been loving Meg Cabot for a LONG time and her books helped me A LOT, so when I learned she was coming to my city I properly freaked out and today I finally met her and it was SUPER GREAT!
  1. I wondered for a long time what to give to her as a gift, because gifts are important and I'd like to show in a small way how thankful I am so I made little magnets based on some of her books.
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  2. This was my favorite one
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    It's Jesse, from The Mediator series, my favorite book series ever. He is in love with Suzannah, a human and she is also in love with him because he is the most handsome ghost ever and I still don't understand why this isn't a tv show, but ok
  3. I also made this with is a little miniature of her head (I know it doesn't look that much alike) and a M with some of her book covers. I'm actually proud of this, this is a new feeling
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  4. The event was scheduled to 5pm, so I left the house at 5am to get my pass!
  5. Long story short THIS IS ME HUGGING HER
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    she read my name on the post it and was like HI NATHÁLIA and I almost had a stroke??? idk
  6. And me trying to speak in English and failing miserably but she was like oh calm down, I die with the cuteness
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  7. and this is me trying to say I made something for her
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  8. and here when she opened it
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    thanks to the guy who was helping her with gifts tho, because it was super wrapped and it was almost impossible to open
  9. and she said thank you many times and that it was super pretty and I nearly died and she said ok we'll take a picture with it in the front
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  11. jk we even made it to the local news
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    the subtitle says "Meg Cabot with reader and a gift received in the autographs session"
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    this is my holy shit I can't believe this is actually happening face