1. Diet Coke
    I hope aspartame is harmless, because I'm addicted to this stuff.
  2. Coca Cola Vanilla
    If I'm gonna go full sugar, I'm gonna go FULL SUGAR
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Cherry Vanilla Coke
    A teenage Coke in my opinion - trying too hard to please everybody.
  5. Coca Cola Lime
    I vaguely remember the music for this product's commercial..."put the lime in the Coke you nut" I think? Either way, not my favorite flavor.
  6. Diet Coca Cola Lime
    I prefer my aspartame neat.
  7. Coca Cola Life
    Made with Stevi-yuck.
  8. Caffeine Free Diet Coke
    A Diet Coke For the weak. Never would I ever.