Perspective on Architecture and Art in Los Angeles; Timeless <=> Transient

listed are photos I took on my phone from my trip in and around LA last week. From west La, Downtown, and to OC. 5/23 - 6/6
  1. -TIMELESS • LA Disney Concert Hall •Frank Gehry
    If you went to a charter arts or private school in LA you almost certainly took a field trip here at some point. Joined by Isozaki's MOCA an the new Eli Broad museum the Institutions on bunker hill are the elite in the arguably most influential of art capitals in the country.
  2. -TBD • Broad museum • Diller Scofidio + Renfro.
    Newly developed institutions like the broad, echo the gentrification that has become ephemeral to the once struggling artist community of the warehouse and arts district; who've now long moved on from the once neglected urban hood. This place had too much hype.
  3. -TIMELESS/TRANSIENT• Arctic Bullet-Train station • HOK
    Literally laying down the tracks to our city's future is the states first high speed rail station in Anehaim. This place looks super conspicuous and symbiolistic, but Transient due to the evolving nature of infrastructure. The sci-fi sleek glass and metal wrapped skin is nothing new, but epic!
  4. -TRANSIENT• Peterson automotive muesam• Kohn Pederson Fox Associates
    Another muesam that's leaving a lot to be desired from all its hype. until it's finished its really hard to understand the point of this massive exterior renovation. My guess is it has something to do with injecting into the mid city ️scene and the culture of LACMA next door.