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Great request, @veshecco!
  1. The Wreck by Delta Spirit
    A sincere, sad-sounding but actually really beautifully composed letter to his wife. Thanking her for all she is and all she does for him. Such great lines line "I'm the lucky fool that you married" and crescendoing as he repeats at the end "My heart beats for only you" over and over while the kick drum mimics a heartbeat and it's so beautiful. https://youtu.be/9dNYOP9x5tg
  2. Holy Shit - Father John Misty
    I love this because I can identify with it so much. Father John Misty is a complete cynic who really doesn't believe in love, yet, he's found it. He sings all these cliches in a list, and you realize that love is one of these cliches, but the in the chorus, he says he's found it. He asks what this cliche has to do with how he feels about his now-wife. He thinks it's all a fucking joke, but can't deny that he feels it. https://youtu.be/a9BAlBFv9fE
  3. You're That Way by Jon Troast
    On that line of thinking, I used to say the only way I'd believe in love was if I found what this small, local southern Wisconsin artist describes as love in this song, and if I ever do get married, I'll want this as a part of my wedding in some way. What he describes as love is just, so, so, so damn beautiful. https://youtu.be/rLPZwDnbP1Y
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Doing a lot of looking back as we approach Friday. Regardless your political views, I don't think we'll ever have a President as cool or just as human seeming as Obama again. Plus, his photographer has done an amazing job catching the moments, big and small, of his Presidency.
  1. The Bin Laden Raid
    It's so intense, and will go down as one of the most iconic presidential photos ever, I think.
  2. When this little dude wondered if Obama's hair felt like his.
  3. When Prince George couldn't be bothered to change out of his pajamas to meet The United States President.
    Bold, power move Little George. power. move.
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  1. Getz/Gilberto has been my favorite album since I was in middle school.
    My Dad was VERY concerned about the legality of iTunes when it first launched, so he had us buy this album and wait a month before we did anything else to make sure the FBI didn't come knocking. So for about a month it was the only album on my new iPod and I fell completely in love with it.
  2. It was the first album that made me think outside the box.
    I liked the stuff I heard on the radio, and the punk rock music my friends were into. But this old Brazilian and Bossa Nova Jazz album made me fall in love with different kinds of music and begin to explore across genres.
  3. It's one of the most iconic jazz albums of all time.
    The most popular track, opening number 'The Girl From Ipanema' is one of the most recorded songs of all time. It can be heard in hundreds of versions, appearing on television and in movies ever since it was first written and recorded for this album in 1963, including a prominent feature in the Opening Ceremonies of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
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  1. The rude cashier at Target
    She looked at my brother and I quizzically for a minute before saying "I just have to ask.... are you Jews?" Which like.... even though I'm not, seems like a rude way to ask that question.
  2. Every member of Jews for Jesus
    In high school I worked weekends and summers at a Bible Camp/Christian retreat center, and twice a year a big group of Messianic Jews came for their fall and spring conferences, walking around camp I would regularly get mistaken by their leaders as a member of the group.
  3. The President of Drake Hillel
    I was on Honors Student Council at Drake with Caitlyn, but hadn't ever really talked to her. After a meeting one night she made a beeline for me as I walked out and spent the ten minute walk across campus telling me all about how cool Hillel is, and what a great opportunity for networking and really getting involved with my culture. Finally at the end she asked if I'd consider coming and I was like "oh... I mean, it sounds cool but I'm not Jewish". It was awkward and she walked briskly away.
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In an attempt at a more cheerful online presence, and my begrudging acceptance of "live listing", I want to fill the 99 points of this list throughout the year, and have something more substantial to look back on in December. 99 highlights in 365 days shouldn't be difficult.
  1. January 8th - NFC Wild Card game between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants
    My roommate looked up tickets on Thursday and they were insanely cheap, due to the expected cold weather (it was 13 degrees, the coldest game at Lambeau in four years), so we bought tickets and had pretty awesome seats! It was my first pro-football game, first Packer Game, and first playoff game in any sport. After a shaky first quarter it was an awesome game and so sweet to get some playoff vengeance against the giants.
  2. January 8th - Titletown Brewing Company
    Before the game we stopped at Titletown for a few beers and lunch, the Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger was 💯, and the beer was awesome 🍺.
  3. January 14th - Bought a Car
    I last bought a car in September, it lasted three weeks before quite literally exploding while I picked the best man for my sister's wedding up from the airport. It's nothing more than a beater but it runs and helps facilitate my next point.
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Characters that came in during the last couple of seasons, whom I feel we could have done without.
  1. Hazel Whatshername - 30 Rock
    She's creepy and weird, but not in a way that adds anything to the show/story.
  2. Nellie Bertram - The Office
    She was hilarious in the Search Committee episodes, she was even good in the Florida episodes! But but there was really no need to bring her in full time and she was annoying when she was in every episode.
  3. Craig Middlebrooks - Parks and Recreation
    He's just so extreme
  1. Jenny Lewis
    Voyager was released in 2015, and saw this incredible artist get a little more poppy, but not in a bad way at all. I'm skeptical but optimistic she'll have another album this year.
  2. Underoath
    Late in 2015, my high school favorite band began teasing a reunion, having broken up several years earlier. They announced a Rebirth tour with their longest running lineup. Initially stating it was just a one time thing, timing worked out and they missed playing together. However in interviews they left open the possibility of a true reunion, that they weren't sure what would happen once they were all together. They've added more tour dates, and I'm desperately hoping for a new album in 2017
  3. Manchester Orchestea
    Manchester Orchestra's official instagram posted pictures of each of their recording spaces, numbered by album for their first dive efforts, over a few weeks and then finally posted this, an unofficial announcement that they had returned to the studio. They're one of my all time favorites, and I'd love to see what they put out next. Plus, a tour after an album release would be great.
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  1. 3.
    Bratty Kids
    So. Fucking. Many. Screaming. Bratty. Children.
  2. 2.
    The Impatient and Always Screaming Bitch (Recurring)
    Literally every time she came through the drive thru she was on her phone SCREAMING at someone. Plus she never made eye contact and would literally snap at us to move faster.
  3. 1.
    The Phone Call
    "Starbucks on State & Bell this is Nate" "Nate do you know that you're working for a company that openly supports sodomy, which is against God's law?" "Sir I'm not the person to talk to about that, the number for our media relations in Seattle is ____" and I hung up. He calls back, asks to speak to me and screams "WELL WHY DON'T YOU POUR HOT COFFEE UP YOUR ASS THE WAY A SODOMITE TAKES A DICK UP THEIR ASS THAT WAY YOU GET USED TO THE BURNING YOU'LL SOON EXPERIENCE IN HELL"
Inspired by @sarahmccoy, @LeahG, @Lisa_Fav
  1. Let me down
  2. Back down
  3. Go breakin my heart
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