Foreal this time, Santa
  1. Okay look.
  2. I feel weird asking for stuff.
  3. My family was never big on gifts.
  4. In high school I got one Christmas present and it was a bag of Starbursts (that my brother ate).
  5. But, if you read even just the titles of my last thirty or so lists you'll see pretty clearly that I truly love a few things:
  6. The Chicago Cubs,
  7. Sitcoms,
  8. Books,
  9. and Music
  10. I'll let you be creative! I'll love anything you get me. Because gifts have never been a huge thing for us!
  11. But some practical things I'll point out.
  12. My shirt/sweater/sweatshirt size is an extra large.
  13. I have no allergies.
  14. I live within driving distance of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison
    if you're going for the "experiential" type of gift (which I would really love!)
  15. and I don't mind/even sorta like going to things alone
    (Concerts, movies, brewery or museum tours, events.... Hamilton is in Chicago right now 😉) But if you're a lister and live near here too, I think a gift that involves a list meet up would be pretttttty awesome.
  16. Sorry I'm so vague. I've been told I'm hard to buy for.
    And that's by people who know me well
  17. Lastly, don't buy me a gift card.
  18. Gift Cards are the hand job of presents.
    Like, this is great and all, but honestly I could just do it myself, and probably do a better job. 🙈🙈🙈
  19. oh and of course thanks so much to @DawnCloud for organizing this! I can't wait to see what everybody gets!