In an attempt at a more cheerful online presence, and my begrudging acceptance of "live listing", I want to fill the 99 points of this list throughout the year, and have something more substantial to look back on in December. 99 highlights in 365 days shouldn't be difficult.
  1. January 8th - NFC Wild Card game between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants
    My roommate looked up tickets on Thursday and they were insanely cheap, due to the expected cold weather (it was 13 degrees, the coldest game at Lambeau in four years), so we bought tickets and had pretty awesome seats! It was my first pro-football game, first Packer Game, and first playoff game in any sport. After a shaky first quarter it was an awesome game and so sweet to get some playoff vengeance against the giants.
  2. January 8th - Titletown Brewing Company
    Before the game we stopped at Titletown for a few beers and lunch, the Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger was 💯, and the beer was awesome 🍺.
  3. January 14th - Bought a Car
    I last bought a car in September, it lasted three weeks before quite literally exploding while I picked the best man for my sister's wedding up from the airport. It's nothing more than a beater but it runs and helps facilitate my next point.
  4. January 17-20 - First Week of School
    I had to drop out of Drake University unexpectedly my junior year cause it was super expensive. Getting back to school has been my goal for four and a half years, it kept not working out for various reasons but I'm finally here! And am typing this while I have a break before my night class. It seems like it will be a challenging and interesting semester! Here's a castle in campus at my new school, Northern Illinois University.