Inspired by @andersun's pictures of Longs Peak. I grew up visiting Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and worked many weekends and summers at a summer camp on the lake, including the best summer job ever as a boat driver for camp. It's what I consider my second home, here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken at the Lake.
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    Lake Geneva has the best sunsets.
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    I've been to a few weddings here, it's positively gorgeous overlooking the lake!
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    the Turk to my J.D.: @FreeDomBennett
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    A David Mitchell novel and some iced coffee while overlooking the Lake? Perfection.
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    The Riviera Ballroom sits right on the lake, host to many gorgeous weddings and the launch point for the Lake Geneva Boat Tours
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    Have you ever seen a more picturesque scene??
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    some days you just gotta stop in the middle of the lake and go diving off the front of the boat for awhile.
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    they actually deliver mail by boat in the summer, people jump to the dock from the front of this boat, deliver mail, and leap back onto the back of the boat.
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    the best little coffee and bagel shop in Lake Geneva.
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    Okay I didn't actually take this one but I am the man driving the boat. One of my favorite pictures of me ever.
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    It might be thought of as a summer spot, but Lake Geneva is beautiful year-round.
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    For example, very February, Lake Geneva hosts the National Snow Sculpting Competition next to the frozen lake. This was one of the fantastic creations last year.
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    Probably the best picture I've ever taken of the Lake.
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    I turned around and saw this gorgeous rainbow and was completely floored.
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    Even a gloomy day on the lake is stunningly beautiful.
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    Laying on the dock hanging out with my friend Annie, I took a panorama and this ended up happening, water on the top and the bottom of the picture!
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    The most recent picture, from yesterday!