1. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to mourn the passing of our dear friend, The Relist Button
  2. We never appreciated you enough when you were here, and now it's too late.
  3. I remember, how powerful a friend you were throughout the year.
  4. I remember how special it felt, in those early days, to see you even once.
  5. Or when I would see you with friends like @biz, or @kcupcaker, I knew I was really part of this group.
  6. You helped me meet so many friends.
  7. It's a damn shame you were murdered so young.
  8. You did no wrong!
  9. If I didn't want to see you alongside certain listers, I could mute them but still see you.
  10. If someone hogged your attention and relisted too much, I could turn you off without hurting anyone, and still have time with that friend.
  11. You showed me I had disciples.
  12. A loyal group, subscribed to my list, who's names I could always count on to like and relist my writing efforts:
  13. They're still here, but we all feel lost without you.
  14. Goodbye, sweet Relist.
  15. We will avenge your murder.