Inspired by everyone. I am loving looking back on the fond memories of everyone's year.
  1. January
    Not much to show or say, January in Northern Illinois (even in a mild winter) consists of staying indoors. Game nights and cooking nights were aplenty.
  2. February
    My best friend (right) came to visit from California for the wedding of our longtime boss/mentor (center). The wedding was called off three days before but Josh had his tickets so he still made the trip and we spent some time with Gary on what was supposed to be the night of the rehearsal dinner. I hadn't seen Josh in two years so it was wonderful.
  3. March
    When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I drunkenly told my roommates I just wanted gifts. Christmas last year my entire family left for two weeks and I was totally alone and got nothing. Family was never big on gifts to begin with. They and my brother ran with that idea and got friends from all over the States (and a few overseas) to send me stuff for my birthday. It was a huge surprise and I cried. This was me walking in after breakfast to see all the presents in the hallway upstairs.
  4. April
    For my roommate Jared's birthday we went to three opening weekend games and stayed in the City. Probably the highlight of my 2016 honestly.
  5. May
    Over Memorial Day weekend I accompanied my old college roommate to a wedding for another friend that lived on our floor freshman year. Reconnected with so many wonderful friends that I haven't talked to since I dropped out four years ago, and really inspired me to get back on track in my life. I quit Starbucks a week later. Between the ceremony and reception we bought a case of beer and a bunch of us sat on the docks drinking, reminiscing, and dreaming.
  6. June
    These two dudes are my roommates, and while we were friends when we first moved in, we're so close now and they're great people. We had lived together for almost a year at this point and this was just one moment captured of us all laughing. I don't like living with people but if I gotta do it these two are the guys I'd most want to live with.
  7. July
    July I was on the job hunt, and a couple times a week I went with my Mom up to my favorite place on earth, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to relax and swim and such. Just great, simple times with my Mom and Aunts and little cousins.
  8. August
    My Brandy-loving Great-Grandma passed away at the age of 96. She was very important in my life and I had the honor of performing her eulogy and funeral service. Of course it was under sad circumstances but so many wonderful friends and family members came to the services and caught up with everyone else.
  9. September
    I didn't do much, but I learned to make Pierogi's to commemorate my Great-Grandma.
  10. October
    My little sister got married, it was super fun and her husband is a really nice dude. My roommates bartended and some wonderful friends crashed at the end and I danced the night away with a girl I'm a little bit in (unrequited) love with. This is my growing group of siblings!
  11. November
    The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. That had pretty much consumed my entire October as well but November 3rd they won game seven, and my Dad and I skipped work to be one of the five million attendees at the victory parade and rally.
  12. December
    So far December has been a month in, staying at home and having fires, or using our hot tub (I took this picture from the hot tub) and reading, watching shows, etc.