realizing how varied my music tastes can be in just a few short days.
  1. I just moved into a new house, and like last time, I ended up in a room that desperately needed painting.
    this was my last room journey: MAKING IT "MY ROOM"
  2. It was a small kids room and it looked like this:
    Who the fuck paints a ceiling like that!? Do you have any idea how hard painting ceilings is??
  3. So I went to work!
  4. I started with Abbey Road by the Beatles while taping everything off.
  5. I decided that even with modern paint/primer combos, I would need to lay a base coat so the color would show up the same everywhere.
  6. So next came VHS 2.0 by X Ambassadors
  7. and Imaginary Man by Rayland Baxter
    Thanks to @ana for the introduction to this artist!
  8. Coat of white paint everywhere.
  9. For the rolling I wanted something upbeat and that (since nobody was home) I could loudly try to rap along with.
  10. So that meant Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper
  11. The Life of Pablo by Kanye West
  12. and Watch The Throne by Jay Z and Kanye West
  13. Then for the tediousness of all the edges I wanted something softer and inspired by @BWN_7's comment on my Evangelical Pop Culture list, Greatest Hits by Petra
  14. and as I painted second coats this morning, I found myself in a mood for my high school metal days.
  15. The Changing of Times by Underoath
  16. Redeemer by Norma Jean
  17. and An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying
  18. and finally, as I cleaned up and moved furniture in, 4 by Beyoncé
  19. the lady at Lowe's described my color choice as "seems..... passionate(?)"