Inspired by @brightlyanna who was inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Hi! My name is Nathaniel Ryan
  2. This is me:
  3. I'm 24, and I live in Rockford IL
    A city that you may have heard only for our presence in such lists as "Most Dangerous Cities in America" (number four last year, I believe) or "Most Miserable Places To Live" (number three in the U.S., but we're gunning for ya, Detroit!) It's about two hours west of Chicago, not far enough away to have our own cool stuff, but not close enough to *really* be a part of it either
  4. I currently work at a little coffee chain called Starbucks, and you'll see me list about it from time to time
    Customer stories, complaining, fun coworker stuff.
  5. Other things I'm passionate about and like to List on:
  6. Music:
  7. TV:
  8. Baseball
    specifically the Chicago Cubs
  9. and Politics
  10. and all kinds of other fun stuff, because:
  11. Welcome to, I'm excited to get to know you guys!