1. That time the Muslim food service worker thought I was Jewish and tried to save me from eating Bacon:
    This was so sweet but also SO embarrassing. I grabbed a bacon cheeseburger and started walking away from the burger station and the non-English speaking, Muslim lady making burgers literally SCREAMED at me. The whole dining hall turned to watch as she beckoned me back, had me lift the bun, and pointed at the bacon asking "Can you eat!?" Even though she was Muslim she was looking out for me cause she thought my faith also didn't eat bacon. I'm not Jewish but I was still touched.
  2. Related, that time the President of Hillel (Jewish Student Group) spent an entire fifteen minute walk across campus trying to convince me to join.
    I didn't know her, we were on the Honors Student Board of Governors together but she'd studied abroad my first semester there, so the first night I met her she caught up with me as I was leaving the meeting and spent the entire walk telling me how great Hillel is, at the end saying I should join to really be involved with my community. I explained I'm not religiously or ethnically Jewish, she got so embarrassed and practically ran away.
  3. That time I met Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopolous:
    I interned for the Republican Party of Iowa for six months leading up to The Iowa Caucuses, which included planning and execution of two debates, one of which was held at my school. Diane Sawyer as as nice as she seems on television, George is really quite short.
  4. That time I *literally* ran into Mitt Romney:
    At said debate, three minutes before air the producer grabbed me and informed me a ticket-holder was sitting in Ann Romney's seat, I needed to fix it. I was sprinting through the building trying to find the seating chart to reseat this guy, saw my boss that had it through a hallway and went barreling down the hallway shouting that I needed it cause someone was in Ann Romney's seat. As I came out of the hallway I rammed full speed into Governor Romney himself.
  5. Romney, Continued.
    He's a tall man and thankfully he caught me so I didn't take us both down to the ground. He helped me up, straightened my collar that had become disheveled in the tumble, brushed off my shoulder and laughed as he told me I better make sure "This cutie" (gesturing towards his wife) had a seat. I stuttered a quick thank you and "yes sir!" and went taking off after my boss.
  6. That time I got kicked out of Bible Study.
    A new guy in study was asking over and over "How do we *know* God exists?" and people kept saying "well the bible says" and he clearly wasn't satisfied. So finally I spoke over the leaders and told him we actually don't, and by very definition can't, *know* if God exists. It's faith, if a being created our realm of existence than he/she/it by necessity operates outside that existence and therefore outside our capability of understanding.
  7. Bible Study, Continued:
    He was actually satisfied and we moved on. The next day my Bible Study leader asked me to lunch off campus, where we met the four pastors of the church that ran Campus Fellowship and they told me I was no longer welcome at bible study or weekly worship services. I told them that Campus Fellowship was technically a student organization paid for by my tuition, so they couldn't stop me from going, or I'd fight it till they were barred from campus for discrimination.
  8. There's so many inside jokes and phrases or inflections I use that come from college, but people back home don't realize that "Nate-ism" comes from Drake. It's weird that the important people in my life now know virtually nothing about another super important group of people to me.