1. Father John Misty at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - May 2015
    I could watch this man dance for hours, he's an incredible performer and even though I ended up in sorta crappy balcony seats it was a captivating experience. It's hard to tell if Father John Misty is the real man or if it's all satire. Either way, it's super fun to watch and this was right on the heels of "I Love You, Honeybear" so that rocked.
  2. Twenty One Pilots at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI - October 2013
    Okay I've seen them three times now, and the are one of the best live performances ever. These two guys are just so energetic and the light show they have is always amazing. I was lucky enough to see them before they started getting huge and this show was so small, yet they performed as if it was a sold-out Madison Square Garden. Tyler also is great at creating specific beautiful moments for you to take with you after the show.
  3. Damien Rice at Roosevelt Theater in Chicago, Illinois - April 2015
    It was the most intimate show I've ever been to, the way one man was able to captivate an entire audience was truly magical. He played a beautiful and perfect set, a mix of his older music sprinkled through his new album. and he encored with "Creep" which was amazing. His voice, fraught with emotion let us in on the heartbreak of his latest album. He had his stage manager bring him out a giant glass of wine and told us stories from his life for awhile. Musically it was phenomenal but also...
  4. Damien Rice, continued
    I sat next to this gorgeous girl who was also at the show alone. We talked a lot before the snow and between the openers. We had both splurged last minute on these perfect, second-row tickets and were both from out of town. We had a ton in common and she was so cool. I offered to buy her a drink after the show. As I walked her to her uber afterwards, opening the car door she turned around, put her arms around me and we kissed and it was the most romantic moment ever. I never caught her name.
  5. Yellowcard at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL - November 2014
    Sadly I saw them just after their incredible drummer Longineu Parsons had left the band but it was such a great show, Ryan Key is a beautiful storyteller and shared a lot of the heart behind their music. It was also one of the most energetic and enthusiastic crowds I've ever been a part of.
  6. Main Stage on Friday Night, Cornerstone Festival, Illinois - June 2007
    At the height of my hardcore fandom, Cornerstone festival put together a dream line-up headlined by my absolute favorite band: Underoath. They were supported by As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, The Chariot, and As Cities Burn. My best friend and I got to main stage four hours early so we could be right up front. I sang the end of Writing on the Walls into the microphone as Spencer crowd-surfed and it was amazing.
  7. Delta Spirit Live on King St. in Madison, Wisconsin - September 2013
    Spur of the moment decision to drive to Madison for this show with two of my best friends. Ran into so many old friends and we. drank. a LOT. The final song is the best drunk sing-along ever, called "People, Turn Around" and when I heard its opening notes I sprinted from the bar (beer in hand) we were watching from to get to the front. Eventually spent an hour walking in circles around the Wisconsin Capitol in order to sober up, the whole time telling my friends I was "lost/looking for the car"
  8. Manchester Orchestra at Majestic Theater in Madison, Wisconsin - May 2014
    Manchester had been a favorite of mine seven years at this point but I hadn't seen them live. They had just released a new album "Cope" which I wasn't super impressed with. I was worried they'd only play songs from the new album but I honestly couldn't have asked for a better set than what they played. There were three songs in particular I figured I'd never hear them play live and they did them all and I freaked out.