With each contest, the likelihood of any Republican candidate reaching the necessary 1,237 delegates for a win decreases, and a contested convention, wherein delegates could nominate anyone, (even if they weren't running prior to the convention) becomes more likely. Here are a few non-insane options I think Republicans should consider.
  1. What is a contested convention?
    Basically, no candidate arrives to the Republican National Convention with the necessary delegates to be declared the nominee after one ballot, depending on rules committee changes, certain delegates then become unbound from the candidate they were sent to represent and can put forth other names, the more ballots it takes, the more delegates become unbound. It's super complicated, but here are my thoughts on who the GOP should consider as their candidate if it comes to that:
  2. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
    How incredible would debates between two badass women, both former Secretaries of State, be? She's the perfect counter-candidate to Hillary Clinton and would be an incredible standard-bearer for Republicans nationwide. She obviously has vast foreign policy experience, and is respected worldwide and within all facets of the Republican Party. I fully believe she could bring the party together from the chaos of a contested convention.
  3. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
    His name comes up more than anyone's in talks of a contested convention. The former Vice-Presidential Nominee and current Speaker of the House has done exactly what we'd need a nominee of this sort to do: Bring people together. As Boehner retired and the House fractured, Paul Ryan was the man our party's leaders trusted to become the number one Republican in the country. He's smart, calculated, and people just like the guy. Plus, he's a favorite son of an important swing state!
  4. Governor John Kasich
    One of the three candidates left vying for the Republican Nomination, having survived the whittling down from an unprecedented 17 candidates. His strategy currently hinges on a contested convention, and the hope that he continues to be the only candidate who polls higher than Secretary Clinton. His resume is impressive, he's done incredible work in Ohio and was the chief architect of the balanced budgets of the 90's. If you want someone who's been actually running, Kasich is the clear choice.
  5. Former Governor Mitt Romney
    I think there's something to be said for the fact that many of his predictions from the 2012 Election actually came true. He predicted the rise of ISIS, the aggression of Russia, and the decline of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Israel. He's very intelligent, has widespread recognition and a base of support from his last two runs. He's extremely well respected and I believe the party would unite behind him more decisively coming out of a contested convention than they did in 2012.
  6. Former Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.
    *would never actually happen* but he's seriously awesome, a wildly successful businessman, a fantastic former Governor of Utah (the state was ranked as the best run state in the Union during his tenure), former ambassador to China under President Obama, former Presidential candidate, and very willing to work across the aisle. He's the kind of public servant that America needs more of.
  7. Former Governor Mitch Daniels
    Governor Daniels of Indiana had Republicans nationwide hoping he would run in 2012, but sadly he declined. He is the former head of the Office of Budget and Management, and an incredibly successful former governor with a record of reforming government, balancing budgets, and connecting with voters. He has also called for a "Truce" on social issues, calling for Republicans to focus on governmental and fiscal issues. I love him. He's just got this great voice that you instinctively trust.