let's be honest, every friends group and workplace thinks their lives could be a sitcom, I'm not immune to that, so here I am casting mine.
  1. The four Men of the Garden, living out out our 20's in middle America:
  2. For Me, I can't decide between Tom Hanks....
  3. Or Seth Rogan
    Seth Rogan is who I am now, Tom Hanks is who I someday hope to be. For now, the college drop-out book nerd who works at Starbucks, quiet and always going to sleep early - I'm leaning Seth
  4. Michael B. Jordan as Dominick
    Michael B. Jordan playing the coolest guy of The Garden, DJing weddings and serving breakfast, just waiting for that one big idea to hit big - @FreeDomBennett
  5. @bjnovak as Jason
    One of the best sitcom actors ever returns to television as @jpool99, the nice guy with a steady job, an unassuming engineer who knows he meant for bigger things
  6. Jake Johnson - AKA Nick Miller
    New Girl is clearly on its way out (replacing Jess with a character played by Megan Fox, just why?). Jake can transition to the role of Jared, the quiet leader of the house - @JGdooga
  7. Reoccurring supporting characters like:
  8. Corbin Bleu as Dom's little brother Nygel
    The lovable side character, showing up almost every episode brings much needed life to the career of Corbin Bleu
  9. Jared's Girlfriend played by country star Miranda Lambert
  10. Ethan Hawke as our buddy Daniel
    The advice friend, @Madventures brings a bottle of scotch and talks you through what's going on in your life, no matter what's going on in his.
  11. Tim and Kylie - Jason Segal and Alyson Hanigan
    Tim and Kylie are the best couple, so of course they should be played the best couple in sitcom history, America needs to see these actors together again.
  12. My lovable but nagging coworkers
    They care a lot about my love life, I don't know why, but (from left to right, top to bottom) Rachel McAdams as Aimee, Emma Watson as Sophia, Melissa McCarthy as Kristin, and Lily Collins as Liz; which will eventually stem a wildly successful spinoff sitcom about life in a coffee shop.
  13. The Evans - by Justin Bieber and Adrien Brody
  14. Guest Star - Aja Naomi King
    A love interest of one of the guys
  15. Guest Star - Tara Reed
    casual acquaintance
  16. Guest Star - Paris Hilton
    slightly crazy girl that's REALLY into one of the guys
  17. Guest Star - Kim Kardashian
    Casual acquaintance, very whiney, very annoying.
  18. Guest Star - Cara Delevingne
    Tinder Date
  19. Guest Star - Jessica Alba
    Tinder Date
  20. Guest Star - Scarlett Johanson
    Tinder Date
  21. Guest Star - Kate Mara
    Tinder Date
  22. Guest Star - Jennifer Lawrence
    Tinder Date