Ranked least favorite to most favorite
  1. All-Star Jersey
    Brown and Mustard Yelllow.....?
  2. Memorial Day Special Jersey
    It's weird to see the Cubs in green, not a huge camo fan.
  3. Memorial Day Special Cap
    It's just too much.
  4. Mother's Day Special Jersey
    Javi Baez hit a killer walk-off home-run on Mother's Day
  5. Mother's Day Special Cap
    Subtle pink, with a burst of pink in the cleats
  6. Like just look how cool this is:
  7. Cubs All-Star Game Cap
    This looks so cool.
  8. Independence Day Special Jersey
    Look at the stars in the red, it's so elegant and beautiful!
  9. Independence Day Special Cap
  10. Fathers Day Special Jersey
    Love the black and soft blue against the classic pinstripes.
  11. Father's Day Special Cap
  12. Kyle Hendricks had a career game and the whole team was on fire in this uniform today
  13. Go Cubs Go!