Seems to be trending on Facebook and Instagram, inspired here by @brightlyanna, originally in my drafts inspired by Abed from Community.
  1. 20% John Dorian from Scrubs
    Emotional like J.D., but only in my own head. My best friend is an athletic and likable black man.
  2. 45% Abed from Community
    Always referencing movies and tv shows. Somehow both socially awkward but also supremely confident in myself. Robotic towards other people in what is an extreme personality juxtaposition with the emotional side Zach Braff. and again with the best friend thing.
  3. 35% Jim Halpert from The Office
    Perennially in love with someone I don't have a chance with (though I doubt that this will ever end for me the way it eventually did for Jim). Nice guy, probably has crazy potential that I'm just not tapping into all the time. and I smile just like the Jim Face.