1. Michael Scott
    When he didn't know how to respond to the question "how are you so awesome?"
  2. Jim Halpert
    When Pam and Jim read Ryan's love poem for Kelly and he cries after reading it.
  3. Dwight Shrute
    When "You never know when you're gonna need to bear a passing resemblance to someone"
  4. Pam Beesly
    When she was so flustered after Jim asked her on a date.
  5. Andy Bernard
    His poignant and beautiful and perfectly 'Andy' final line.
  6. Kevin Malone
    When Kevin got it and nobody else did.
  7. Daryl Philbin
    When his Grandma died but everyone thinks it's his birthday and he just cries into the camera.
  8. Meredith Palmer
    When she thought she put her suit on for beach day: "OH.... I left it in the van"
  9. Angela Martin
    When she didn't have a headache: "I'm just preparing"
  10. Creed Bratton
    When Creed discussed his asthma.
  11. Stanley Hudson
    When Stanley explained his retirement goals.
  12. Phyllis Lapin Vance
    When Michael hosted body positivity day.
  13. Oscar Martinez
    When he had high goals for Michael's roast: "But I'm gonna try to make him cry"
  14. Ryan Howard
    When Robert California is talking about The Black Eyed Peas and Ryan digs what he's saying.
  15. Kelly Kapoor
    That's what a semester at Yale will do for ya
  16. Toby Flenderson
    When everyone is at church for Cece's baptism and he can't bring himself to go inside.
  17. Erin Hannon
    When she didn't quite grasp the concept of disposable cameras.
  18. Robert California
    When he lived *so intensely* that his brain literally couldn't contain the memories.