requested by @laurettamarie_ via a Twitter message.
  1. "Where are we watching the Cubs game?"
    my plans for 163/365 days of the year (or more, if you count playoffs and spring training)
  2. "I ordered a pizza to get here when you get home from work"
  3. "There's spotted cow in the fridge"
    You can only get this beer in Wisconsin, so it's a rare treat.
  4. "This book made me think of you"
    Never happened
  5. "This song made me think of you"
    probably only happened once
  6. "You always know the perfect gif, Nate"
    I think my gif texting skills are pretty great and it's good to be acknowledged.
  7. "When are we gonna listen to Beyoncé together again?"
    was actually tweeted @ me. but still.
  8. "(band you love) is playing in Chicago/Madison/Milwaukee next month let's go!"