1. My Second Kiss.
    We went out to twofors every Tuesday sophomore year, and each week as I walked her home she'd text or get a text from her upperclassman-frat boy-fuck buddy. One day that spring she lamented that it wasn't more between them, and she should just date someone like me. She grabbed my hand, I pulled her to a kiss, as we pulled away and she asked if my roommate was home, the frat guy was calling her... and she ran off to be with him instead.
  2. My first crush:
    We were in love when we were five and reconnected after freshman year of college. We kissed and it was electric, then I went back to school.
  3. Candlelit walk through snowy State Park trails:
    My coworkers gave her my number, it was our third date. She marveled at the stars, and I marveled at her, it was our second kiss but it was our best, as we stood in the cold and snow under a wide open sky. She remains the only person that I've kissed on multiple occasions.
  4. Girl at the hopeless romantic singer-songwriter concert in Chicago:
    We both splurged last minute on tickets in the second row. We were both from out of town. We talked between sets and hit it off. I asked if she wanted to get a drink till the uber surge ended, walked her out after, we both turned around just as she was ducking into her uber and she came back to the curb to kiss me. It was magical. I. never caught her name.
  5. Cute redhead from Tinder:
    We were watching a thriller, she snuggled into me, we kissed and it was just absolutely perfect. She looked up at me and audibly said "Wow" before snuggling back into my shoulder. We kissed goodbye after, she unmatched me the next day.