My one true love, food.
  1. Pierogis
    My Mom's family is from the part of Ukraine that borders Poland and has their own little twist on Pierogis. Tasting, smelling, seeing, or even thinking about a Pierogi brings my mind straight to my great grandmas house and makes me feel love and an instant connection to my heritage.
  2. Hungarian Langos
    Now my Dad's family is from Hungary and every summer we go to these great picnics for the Hungarian Club of Chicago and towards the end a bunch of people that pinch my cheeks and talk about my Grandparents start making Langos. It's like a fried potato/pancake batter thing and it's to die for. I only get them a couple times a year and my excitement rivals that of Stanley Hudson from the Office's love of Pretzel Day. Langos is nostalgia, Langos is family, Langos is a warm hug from my grandparents
  3. Pizza
    Pretty sure this is what unadulterated lust feels like. If you ever ask me what I want for dinner, pizza will be the answer.
  4. Apple Cider Donuts
    So I happened to have grown up twenty minutes away from Edwards Apple Orchard, and they win the National Apple Cider Championships almost every year. They then use that Cider to make Apple Cider Donuts that melt in your mouth and taste like pure heaven.
  5. Spotted Cow
    I live in Northern Illinois, and Spotted Cow is the signature beer of New Glarus Brewery, a brewery that refuses to sell outside their home state of Wisconsin. I can still remember my first one. A sip of Spotted Cow reminds me how much I love Wisconsin and how, even though I've always lived south of the border, Wisconsin is my true home (I was born there and will forever identify as a cheesehead)
  6. Iced Coffee
    Each night, my last thought before drifting to sleep is the pure elation of that first cup of coffee tomorrow morning. I actually cried once thinking about it (it had been a bad day, okay?)