Last week I shared with you guys in I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY that my Great-Grandma was passing, and I wasn't sure I would know what to say when it came time to deliver remarks at her funeral. You guys were so supportive and it helped a lot, so I wanted to share what I ended up saying.
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  26. And something that never happens in speeches happened, I think I delivered it even better than I wrote it.
  27. I made it through, pausing so I wouldn't cry, and held it mostly together till the last paragraph before I almost lost it.
  28. My Great Uncle Bill hugged me, I've never seen him hug another man.
  29. It was an honor to be asked to speak, and an honor to try and sum up the amazing life my Great Grandma lived.
  30. Thanks for your support, List fam.