Requests after I posted DRUNKS, RANKED
  1. Okay guys don't hate me.
  2. But I don't get hangovers.
  3. Most of the time when I drink, I don't go beyond a ballgame buzz (see above list)
  4. But even when I do, I wake up fine the next day.
  5. I'm really diligent about drinking water throughout my night out.
  6. I'm usually good about eating before too.
  7. But even when I do none of that, an mix dark liquor, light liquor, and beer. I wake up the next day just fine.
  8. People say that'll change, that it gets worse with age. but all my friends my age and younger get at least some form of hangover. I get none.
  9. I've had to puke a couple times the next day, but even then I don't feel sick or miserable, just randomly in the day I'll realize "oh, I'm about to get sick" and I calmly go do that.
  10. So if anything, I just get tired.
  11. so my "hangover" cure is a Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice
    The drink of the lord.