Get your act together, Hollywood! (Warning: some graphic imagery)
  1. The 1956 Hungarian Revolution
    This week is the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution against the Soviet Union. This was the first instance of a people rebelling against Soviet puppet governments and is a thrilling story. What began as a student demonstration spread like fire through Hungary and the government collapsed in a matter of days. The whole ordeal was only two weeks long and it's an amazing story of freedom fighters. A film following the 200,000 Refugees it created would fascinate me as well.
  2. Sergeant York
    There was a 1941 film about Sergeant York, but we're way overdue for another telling and honestly we're severely lacking in WWI movies anyway. Sergeant York is one of the most decorated soldiers of all time, and essentially single handedly captured thirty-five enemy machine guns during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in France, he killed twenty-eight enemies and then captured 132 more. All after initially objecting to the draft on the grounds of religious pacifism.
  3. Malala Yousafzai
    One of the most widely read biographies of the last decade, the story of Malala's fight for women's rights, assassination attempt, and recovery is so inspiring and would make for incredibly moving film.
  4. Air Force One on 9/11
    Politico just wrote a fantastic article on this. Whether from the point of view of The President, the advisors, or the few journalists on board. A movie following President Bush on the day of the attacks would be fascinating.
  5. Jonestown
    The origin of the phrase "drink the kool-aid" would make for a somber, depressing, heartbreaking film. Examining the power of charismatic leadership and cult followings. A well made movie about the story of the mass suicide of Jonestown would be one you'd watch once and never again, but would leave you changed.
  6. The Battle of Verdun
    Another WWI story that needs to keep being told. The Battle of Verdun was the longest battle of the war and one of the deadliest in history. The ten-month ordeal was pure horror for the soldiers living in those trenches. I picture a movie along the lines of Twelve Years A Slave or Requiem for a Dream, a movie that's just so real about the awful conditions of this battle that you leave the theater in stunned silence, wondering how to make sure something like this never happens again.
  7. Hiroo Onada
    Have you ever heard that snippet of history about Japanese soldiers who kept fighting thirty years after Japan surrendered WWII? Hiroo Onada and his company were sent to The Philippines and lost communication with Japan before the end of the war, they waged a guerrilla campaign for the next thirty years.
  8. Erwin Rommel
    "The Desert Fox" was a highly decorated German soldier in WWI, and lead the 7th Panzer Division in North Africa in WWII, while he initially supported the Nazi Party, he disavowed many of Hitler's views and directly disobeyed orders regarding Jews and Prisoners of War. We saw some of his story in the Tom Cruise film "Valkyrie", as he was one of the orchestrators of the July 20 Plot against Hitler's life, but his full story deserves to be told.
  9. The build up to The American Civil War
    While plenty of films have focused on different aspects of the Civil War, the political build-up of the territorial questions, Lincoln-Douglas debates, and the secessionist movement would be utterly fascinating.
  10. The Underground Railroad
    Another chapter of Civil War history that I don't think has been given proper Hollywood treatment. Movies like Twelve Years A Slave have begun to address America's shame in powerful and moving ways, I think movies sour slavery will continue to be made in the coming years, and tell the story in a way that makes us remember, not just be entertained.
  11. Pope Gregory VII vs. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV
    Basically the two most powerful men on earth try to claim power over the other (and therefore over all of Europe). Political scheming, rebellion, humiliation. It's got it all.
  12. Theodore Roosevelt Biopic
    He was so badass how has this NOT been done!?
  13. The Holodomor Genocide
    A manmade famine, engineered by Josef Stalin that killed upwards of 7.5 Million Ukrainians in the 1930's. Mostly ignored by historians until recently.
  14. The Life of Herbert Hoover
    Often blamed for the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and following Great Depression, which really isn't fair at all. The New Deal borrowed largely from Hoover's ideas and his life before becoming President is fascinating. The Royal Family even offered him British citizenship and a title cause he was so awesome. He oversaw insane food relief programs during WWI and was one of the few who tried to help the Ukrainians during the Holodomore Genocide.
  15. The Council of Nicea
    The politics of the early church and the assembling of the New Testamant. Absolutely enthralling drama.
  16. The founding of the State of Israel
    The Israeli/Palestine debate is of course still shows contentious, but a film following the Jewish refugees after WWII and the beginning of the Israeli State would be pretty interesting, I think!
  17. Albert Göring
    Brother of top Nazi, Hermann Göring, similar story to that of Schindler's List but made so much more fascinating by his connection with his brother.
  18. The lives of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and General Lafayette
    Obvious, following the smash success of Hamilton. Each of these men have incredible lives that could be made into multiple movies so let's do it while the irons hot!
  19. What historical events would you like to see Hollywood take on?
  20. The Life of Marie Curie
    Besides the fact that it's hard enough being a woman in science even TODAY, she died of radiation poisoning doing her research.
    Suggested by   @Veronique
  21. A serious take on Simón Bolivar
    Yes, I'm biased, but hear me out. This guy lead a campaign to liberate a whole continent from the Spanish. And EVERY movie I've seen from him is either too romanticized or too superficial. Last one, with Edgar Ramirez as Bolivar, came close. But it also came too close to so many historical inaccuracies. This guy deserves a biopic that captures him in all his human complexity, instead pfff just glorifying him again.
    Suggested by   @Jaycer17