1. Arithmancy
    I think it's math?
  2. Muggle Studies
    Would be fascinating if I grew up in a Wizard home, pretty lame otherwise.
  3. Divination
    I agree with McGonogall on this, sorta hokey and cheesy magic, Not very serious or worth spending much time on.
  4. Alchemy
    We don't know much about this class except they only teach it if there's enough demand so I'm assuming it's not very popular? It sounds interesting and difficult though.
  5. Astronomy
    I've never been clear on why this is a core subject...
  6. Ancient Runes
    Could be fascinating, could be boring as all heck. The study of ancient magic texts could lead to some truly historic discoveries.
  7. Herbology
    Seems fun but I don't think we really see much practical use for Herbology besides potion ingredients.
  8. Care of Magical Creatures
    Terrifying but awesome. Hagrid needs to work on his teaching methods though and it would've been pretty lame once he got all depressed. But with a proper teacher this could be an incredibly fascinating field of study.
  9. A History of Magic
    Look, I'm a nerd and I love me some history. I know it's taught by a lame ghost but still, I'm sure it's absolutely fascinating.
  10. Apparition
    Uh yes. Eliminating all commutes? Also just getting out of stressful situations in a moments notice. Very practical lessons, which is awesome.
  11. Potions
    It always bothered me that Professor Snape referred to potions as a "Subtle science and exact art" because those should be reversed. It's an exact, very scientific course, with a subtle art added at the higher levels (re: The Half-Blood Prince adding his own flair to potions). It would be a lot of hard work but the payoff is incredible when you get a potion right. Loses points for a grumpy and favorite-playing professor and a creepy classroom in the dungeon.
  12. Defense Against The Dark Arts
    Would be higher if there was any consistency in the Professor. It's an intense but so interesting subject, with some of the coolest and most practical lessons in certain years.
  13. Charms
    Probably one of the more fun classes, but still a lot of work to get right. Professor Flitwick is a nice teacher though and is so motivated to help his students succeed. This is some of the more "simple" but completely essential elements of magic.
  14. Transfiguration
    Professor McGonagall states that Transfiguration is some of the most complex and difficult magic to perform. It is the study of changing objects from one thing to another. Dumbledore taught Transfiguration, and then Professor McGonagall for over fifty years. Excelling at this subject can make you one of the most skilled wizards or witches out there.
  15. Flying Lessons
    Madam Hooch is an awesome teacher, there's no theory or textbooks, just the practicality of flying, which can be dangerous for students who haven't grown up in Wizarding families but is thrilling nonetheless. This would be the class I'm most excited for my first year at Hogwarts.