Inspired by @LizDawson and @TQ
  1. I believe that the Lord God created the universe
  2. I believe that He sent his only Son to die for my sins
  3. and I believe that ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America
  4. I am a Mormon
  5. And a Mormon just believes
  6. 🎼
  7. 🎼
  8. I believe that God has a plan for all of us
  9. I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet
  10. And I believe that the current President of the Church, Thomas Monson, speakers directly to God
  11. I am a Mormon
  12. an DANGIT, a Mormon just believes
  13. 🎼
  14. 🎼
  15. I believe that Satan has ahold of you
  16. I believe that the Lord God has sent me here
  17. and I believe that in 1978 God changes his mind about black people
  18. You can be a Mormon
  19. A Mormon who just believes
  20. 🎼
  21. 🎼
  22. I believe that God lives on a planet called Kolob
  23. I believe that Jesus has His own planet as well
  24. And I believe that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri
  25. 🎼
  26. 🎼
  27. If you believe, the Lord will reveal it
  28. And you'll know it's all true you'll just feel it
  29. You'll be a Mormon
  30. And, by gosh, a Mormon just believes!
  31. Giphy