1. My phone broke
  2. Like two days ago
  3. I stole my roommates phone just now and logged him out so I could try and catch up with you all.
  5. And so many lists
  6. I'm so much more sad about missing lists than I am texts/snapchats/Instagrams
  7. Has everyone just given up on all caps list titles?
  8. I thought we'd fight the good fight for a few weeks at least!
    I kelt picturing Aragorn's speech in front of Mordor, "There will come a day, when all caps lists are no longer the norm, when titles in all caps seem like shouting, when our titles are indistinguishable from any buzzfeed post, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!" Especially the Murphy's, I didn't think they'd ever change to non-all caps.
  9. in the meantime I've had some killer new list ideas
    I'll come back with a vengeance. if I can remember them... Cause also I can't save them as drafts.
  10. I just miss you all, okay?
  11. hopefully I'll fix/get a new phone soon.
    But not really cause I'm crazy broke.
  12. in the meantime:
    I was homeschooled so YAY MOM for teachers day. And also I love Harry Potter (Slytherine forever) and I'm sad I missed Harry Potter Day on TLA, also happy Star Wars Day and such.