All about these list requests, thanks @laurettamarie_ ! However even at the tender age of 11-14, I was already an albums guy, not so much individual songs or playlists! So here is my junior high album playlist:
  1. The Christian Music Phase:
  2. The Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot
    Please, Mom?? I promise it's Christian music! It's on Christian radio!
  3. The Anatomy Of Tongue In Cheek - Relient K
    The moment I realized there was a world of music beyond k-love
  4. Letters To The President - Hawk Nelson
    *edgier* Christian punk rock
  5. Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Throw up your rawkfist if you're feeling it when I drop this!"
  6. Oceans Avenue - Yellowcard
    My brother told us/my parents that this was a Christian band so we'd be allowed to listen to it.
  7. Soon. The era of free iTunes songs from Pepsi tops
    My brother learned you could see if a cap was a winner by looking through the bottom of Sierra Mist bottles. Plus, there was no glaring "Christian" section for Mom to make sure we were buying from.
  8. iTunes meant no CD, cases, so we could get away with buying songs/albums without this warning:
    hello, *secular* music
  9. Still Not Getting Any - Simple Plan
    so emo right now
  10. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - Blink 182
    Punk. Rock. Gods.
  11. Self Titled- Box Car Racer
    such a dramatic Blink break-up but this album rocked
  12. Next came the metal phase:
    My friends were resistant at first. But eventually we could be seen moshing with the best of them.
  13. They're Only Chasing Safety - Underoath
    Blending punk rock and screamo to perfection
  14. Apparitions of Melody - Kids In The Way
    darker, edgier, more political
  15. Self Titled - The Used