"He seared the memory of the Holocaust on the world's conscience"
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    Elie Wiesel - September 28, 1928-July 2, 2016
  2. An excerpt from "A Prayer for the Days of Awe"
  3. "Auschwitz must and will forever remain a question mark only: it can be conceived neither with God nor without God.
  4. At one point, I began wondering whether I was not unfair with You. After all, Auschwitz was not something that came down ready-made from heaven
  5. It was conceived by men, implemented by men, staffed by men. And their aim was to destroy not only us but You as well.
  6. Ought we not to think of Your pain, too? Watching Your children suffer at the hands of Your other children, haven't You also suffered?
  7. As we Jews now enter the High Holidays again, preparing ourselves to pray for a year of peace and happiness for our people and for all people, let us make up, Master of the Universe.
  8. In spite of everything that happened? Yes, in spite. Let us make up: for the child in me, it is unbearable to be divorced from You so long."