This is the equivalent of an old man yelling about stuff, you do you, use Instagram how you want to, but the following will likely cause me to unfollow you.
  1. You post your entire pregnancy.
    Announcements are cute, I can handle maybe like one baby bump picture but much more than that and I'm gonna unfollow.
  2. Every post is a "Regram"
    Have an original thought!
  3. Using Instagram as an "album"
    As in, you post multiple pictures of the same event all at once. My former school has a live-mascot and his Instagram account does this. Silent for a month and then twenty pictures in two hours, it drives me nuts. I followed you to see snippets of your life, your art, or a cute bulldog amongst everything else, not to randomly fill up my feed with every picture you took that day. Especially when only one or two is actually a good/interesting picture!
  4. Every post is a motivational meme.
    Instagram is supposed to be a photo sharing app, not a motivational poster app.
  5. #hashtaggingfuckingeverything
  6. #MCM/#WCW of your SO every. fucking. week.
    You're dating, we get it. congratulations I'm sure we're all very happy for you (read in the voice of that dry sarcastic lady monster from Monsters Inc). Honestly this just seems fake/desperate, like you're trying to hold on tightly to a relationship that isn't that good. I'm all about shoutouts to your SO when it's deserved, but they aren't "the best boyfriend/girlfriend ever" for every mundane couple thing they do and the world doesn't need to know about it!
  7. Selfies with Bible verses as a caption.
    I just... I don't get it? What does a sexy pose selfie of you have to do with Jeremiah 29:11 (for real seven times out of ten it's this verse)
  8. Captions about an event.... on a selfie.
    "Great day with my family!" *no family pictured, just a selfie* "Awesome day at the Apple Orchard!" *Selfie in the car* "So many great people in my life!" *only person pictured is you... cause it's a selfie*
  9. Only ever posting selfies.
    This makes it sound like I hate selfies. I really don't! They're fun, they're cute, and posting one on a day you're feelin yourself they're a huge confidence boost, it's like "cool, I DO look good today!" but if that's literally all you ever post than you are probably sort of adding to that notion people have that selfies and the people who take them are narcissistic.
  10. A picture that we all just saw on your Snapchat story.
    Okay you sent this to me, put it on your story, AND posted it to Instagram!? Why!? Was there someone super specific you wanted to make absolutely sure saw it?