My definitive ranking of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy characters. Shoutout to my roommates for putting up with my hardcore over-analysis and debate while compiling this list.
  1. 22.
    Grima Wormtongue
    actually the worst, from his creepy obsession with Èowyn to his manipulation of King Theodin. He's a snake and he's ugly and I hate him
  2. 21.
    Lord Sauron
    Would probably be higher if he had a body, the eye thing is freaky though. But to be honest he's cool as heck, he's powerful and determined. He's just also evil but ya know what he's still cool. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. 20.
    Lady Galadrial
    She's really badass and cool but she also has that terrifying moment of temptation when Frodo offers her the ring that literally gave me nightmares.
  4. 19.
    He's cunning and evil in the worst way. The way he manipulates Frodo against Sam is heartbreaking.
  5. 18.
    He's a skeevy traitor and I hate him but also he's really cool and has that booming deep voice, he's clearly a genius at warfare and strategy, he just picked the wrong side.
  6. 17.
    she's super badass in Fellowship of the Ring but gets progressively worse throughout the movies. But she does commission the reforging of Aragorn's sword and that's really cool. She should have stayed to support Aragorn from the beginning, but her father wanted her to flee.
  7. 16.
    Frodo Baggins
    I know he's like a main character but I sort of hate him. He whines a lot and turns on Sam, like how is that even possible??
  8. 15.
    Smeagol is loyal and redemptive, but controlled by his darker half. When he controls himself though he seeks to help his master, relating to Frodo's struggle as Ringbearer and helping him through that, while leading them to the destruction of the ring.
  9. 14.
    Lord Elron
    Lord Elron was obviously way more badass in the Second Age. He lead the fight against Sauron's first attempt to take over Middle Earth, but he takes a backseat in the Third Age, seeking instead to send his people out of Middle Earth. Allowing them to only scratch the surface of his knowledge and wisdom
  10. 13.
    He's so cool and his 3000 warriors follow him without question even though it makes them exiles from their homeland. That's inspiring leadership.
  11. 12.
    I love this dude. He's only in the series for a short time but he reignites the bond of friendship between Elves and Men, leading a battalion of Elves to Helms Deep and making the ultimate sacrifice in that battle.
  12. 11.
    King Theodin
    He's very proud, which can sometimes be blinding but he always makes the right decision in the end. He fights with everything in him, always willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for his people and for the cause.
  13. 10.
    He's a little bit racist (er, species-ist?) and not as cool as Legolas but he's a determined fighter and advocate for good.
  14. 9.
    I can relate to Faramir so much. He's very underrated in this series. He has an opportunity to increase his own clout and bring glory to himself but he chooses to do the right thing by letting Frodo and Sam go. He staunchly defends Gondor and rides out to fight battles even when there is no hope.
  15. 8.
    He's clumsy and makes a lot of mistakes, but he's a lighthearted presence in the Fellowship and the most loyal companion and follower one could ever ask for.
  16. 7.
    While he may seem just a silly little hobbit at first, Merry is unwilling to be a spectator while evil overtakes his world. He's eager to fight, to prove himself. When he realizes Frodo needs to leave the Fellowship behind, he creates the necessary diversion, willing to give up his life to make sure Frodo can escape the incoming Uruk-Hai
  17. 6.
    Strider steps up to get The Hobbits to Rivendell in Gandalf's absence showing his cunning, his skill, and his bravery. He is also the first man to offer help to Frodo during the Council of Rivendell. However is fear-driven reluctance to accept his destiny as King of Gondor hurts the cause at some points.
  18. 5.
    Legolas is just cool. Everything he does is cool. Everything he says is cool. He's a trusted advisor to Gandalf and Aragorn, and his blossoming friendship/rivalry with Gimli is a heartwarming bright spot in the darkness of the series.
  19. 4.
    I think Boromir gets a bad rap for being the first member of the Fellowship to fall for the will of the One Ring (it would have happened to them all, eventually), but the rest of his time is spent being a complete badass and the most selfless member of the Fellowship. His unquestioning decision to put himself in harms way and eventually sacrifice his very life for Merry and Pippin is the most heroic and underrated moment in the series.
  20. 3.
    Èowyn of Rohan is inspiring, beautiful, fierce, strong, and unshakeable. She defers to her King when necessary but she refuses to sit on the sidelines for the end of times, making herself a force to be reckoned with and making the biggest kill in the series, fighting the Witch King of Angmar and displaying true courage, with fear on her face she determinedly thrusts her sword between his mask and turns the tide in the battle for Minas Tirith.
  21. 2.
    Gandalf is so wise, helpful, and just good. He is tempted again and again with corruption but holds his ground. When Saruman chooses to fight for the enemy, and Lord Elron seeks to flee middle earth, Gandalf steps up to lead the forces of good against all odds. He calls out the good in every other character, bringing out their best and helping them realize their value in the quest for good.
  22. 1.
    Samwise Gamgee
    Samwise is low key the true hero of this saga. His relentless support of the entire Fellowship, and his willingness to sacrifice everything for the quest are truly amazing. But more than that it his unshakeable optimism in the face of so much evil and hardship that makes him the number one character in the Lord of the Rings.