In August I moved out of my parents and into a house with some friends! Sadly, I was left with the last choice in bedrooms, and it has been a process turning this former 11-year-old girls room into something that feels like my space.
  1. First off.... the room was pink.
    like. really freaking pink. not pictured: Zebra Print duct tape as the trim.
  2. Like so pink that a sickly Barbie color emitted from the room if the lights were on
  3. So step one was obviously a paint job.
    I picked out the colors, and with some help from work friends (and a generous coat of white primer) it transformed.
  4. However there was still the problem of that twin-size bed.
    I didn't quite fit on that thing, plus the mattress was at least eight years old.
  5. Thanks to my Grandma for the hand-me-down queen size!
    gotta love the boxspring on the floor, I'm such an adult. and LOOK at that floral print!
  6. Next step, new bedding
    It's amazing what a new sheet set and a bedframe will do.
  7. Plus, some awesome new decorations!
    growing up, visits to Grandma's house often meant watching Star Wars, as my wonderful Aunt Elke lived there and had the set on VHS
  8. On sale at Meijer, brings some much needed character to the room
  9. slick, original trilogy movie posters in a nice black frame.
  10. still some work to do!
    but it's pretty cool turning something from just a place you sleep into "your room"