Inspired by @kendallbartels
  1. Schindler's List - 7 y/o
    I was a history nerd, that did not mean I was ready for this! There's this scene where they show a little girl wandering the streets during a Nazi massacre; the entire movie is set in black in white but they show this cute little girl in striking color with a red coat on. After the massacre they just cut to a mass grave, with a little red-sleeved arm sticking out. It haunted my nightmares for weeks. Plus, lots of naked people? how is this okay, Mom?
  2. The Patriot - 8 y/o
    Same reason, plus "Mrs. Jensen (my Sunday School teacher) let her boys watch it" so it must be okay. What Mom didn't mention was that one of the Jensen boys puked from pure horror at the scene where Mel Gibson goes to town with that hatchet.
  3. The Mummy - 7 y/o
    Looking back this isn't so bad but at the time it freaked me the hell out. Mom felt bad and bought us Rootbeer Float materials to make up for it. I'd never had a Rootbeer Float at that point so that was cool.
  4. The One - 9 y/o
    One time I spent the night at some Swim Team friends' house and their mother was horrified that I had seen this R rated Jet Li Kong Fu/Sci Fi thriller, full of violence and swearing, but wasn't allowed to watch the most popular kids movie of the day.
  5. and do you know what that kids movie was?
  6. The beloved-and appropriate for children-film franchise that I WASN'T allowed to watch?
  7. Harry-effing-Potter
  8. Giphy