1. So, as has been discussed at large, 2016 was sort of a shitshow of a year. And that's been true for me in a personal level as well.
  2. So I've been thinking a lot about 2017. And while I'm not a big "New Years" guy, this particular New Years coincides with a decision point in my life.
    My lease is up at the end of January 2018, so 2017 is a big question mark of a year.
  3. So, as I look forward to 2017, I sort of see a few options for "what I want out of this"
  4. I am currently registered for classes at Northern Illinois University beginning in January.
    Being back in school has been my goal since I left Drake University in late 2012. I love academia, and spending my life in scholarship is something I think I would very much enjoy. This is the first semester school has seemed realistic again and I've gone in with a goal of completing my degree in three semesters and entering a PhD program immediately after.
  5. So that first, and I think the preferable option: is a "Hunker Down" year:
    If school works out, I'll be taking 18 credits, commuting 45 minutes there and back every day, and trying to still work full time for my dad. It will very much be a hunker down and get shit done mode kind of year.
  6. But it's still a long shot.
    I was expecting some financial aid and didn't get any. SO I have a $6000 bill waiting for me, and literally no way to pay it. I apply for grants and scholarships on the daily and I have some hope that it will SOMEHOW work out.
  7. So in the likelihood that NIU doesn't work out, I've been thinking a lot about what to do instead.
  8. Do I pack up? Say "Rockford isn't working out" and try to start fresh somewhere new?
    Find someone to take my spot in the lease and GTFO! Back to Des Moines, into Chicago, join my best friend north of LA, somewhere new?
  9. Or do I stick it out here? Either keep working where I am or try to find something new? Do I try to find a "career" here in Rockford?
    I currently work for my dad for an hourly rate. He needed help in his law firm and I told him I'd do it full time for a semester and then either be in school or be in a full time salaried job.
  10. And moving sounds great, but I don't know how realistic it is.
  11. So the option that I really see, if I'm not in school, is to give myself a "Live it up" year.
    Take a "career" type job making double what I do now, work full time, and just have a fun fucking year. Take trips, buy nice stuff, have fun, go to a shit ton of Cubs games, and just live it up for 2017. Whether I stay in that job/in Rockford after my lease ends in January 2018 or not, just make 2017 a fun year with my friends and roommates. But also make enough to pay my Student loans down more and more.
  12. And honestly that sounds great too.
    When I made the most money I ever have, I was 20. I took 18 credits, I worked 32 hours in the Iowa Senate, AND ran a state senate campaign. I made GREAT money but I just didn't enjoy it at all.
  13. So while a "Hunker Down" 2017 sounds great.
    Finally be back to what I love and feel like I'm moving forward in life.
  14. I wouldn't complain about a "Live it up" year.
    My roommates/best friends make good money too, we can make 2017 a great year. Just make it fun. I'll be 25 in march, why not make this a "me" year?
  15. There is no resolution to this list.
    I'm drunk and I wrote this for me. To help me sort out and think about this year for myself. Sorry.