1. So this afternoon I have a job interview.
  2. Both my parents are super amped for me on this one.
    It's with the company my Uncle George works for and he does very well. It's a great opportunity!
  3. They both wanted to support/help me out so both of them decided to drop by with something.
  4. Mom knows that the hardest part of leaving Starbucks was the absence of daily free coffee.
  5. So she got my go-to drink and dropped it off.
  6. Dad got my resume printed on some really nice stationary to bring with.
  7. neither of them knew the other was dropping by, Dad was on his way home from court in downtown Rockford (he's a lawyer) and Mom was on the way to swim lessons with the kids she nannies.
  8. As it turned out, they both got to my house around the same time.
  9. Dad and I were on the porch talking as Mom pulled up.
  10. and he started beaming!
  11. Like he was so happy to see her.
  12. Just so surprised and so so happy that he was getting to see his wife.
  13. and as we walked up to Mom's car, she had just this huge smile on her face.
  14. They were so surprised to see each other.
  15. and so happy to see each other!
  16. After 31 years of marriage.
  17. They woke up together today, probably shared coffee and breakfast.
  18. But they were still as giddy as middle school students with a crush to get to see each other and get to share a kiss in the middle of their day.
  19. They're just so freakin cute guys.
    (this picture from their 30th anniversary spent in Southern California)